The AsuraPsych YouTube Channel

I have been creating videos on YouTube for more than three years now. My videos primarily focus on teaching and understanding psychological concepts related to personality typology but I cover other topics such as clinical psychology and cognitive psychology as well.

Type Overviews and Differences

Many videos, such as this one, focus on describing a specific personality type or explaining why that type is similar or different to other personality types.

MBTI Types as Fantasy Classes

Some of my videos are more relaxed and instead of taking a fully educational approach they relate psychology concepts to interesting or common themes. In this video I relate personality types to common archetypes in the fantasy genre. This was inspired by my love for fantasy and video games.

Non-Typology Videos

Some of my videos focus on topics not related to personality typology, such as this one, where I go over the basics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).